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“Proud to contribute to the session on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at the 1st BreastGlobal Conference. Comparing standard and oncoplastic breast conserving surgery with the GRADE methodology, proposing strategies to fill knowledge gaps in oncoplastic breast surgery. Thanks to Ashutosh Kothari , Dr. Chaitanyanand Koppiker and Prof. Chintamani for offering me the opportunity of being part of this. Honoured to share the screen with Zoltan Matrai , Fabien Reyal , Claudio Calabrese and Hyung Seok Park.”

Nicola Rocco, Chief of the Breast Surgery Unit presso Malzoni Cancer Center MACC , Naples, Campania, Italy

“Enjoyed a lot all 3 days with you. My best wishes for upcoming events”

Dr. Syed Irfan Shah, Pakistan

“Thank you. Enjoyed the session on Mastology“

Poovamma C U, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Bangalore, India

“Congratulations on the Congress. It was excellent! I was happy to participate”

Regis Resenade Paulinelli, Mastology, Oncoplastic Surgery, MD. PhD, Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

“Such humility in greatness. Rare and so much to learn from this maestro Melvin Silverstein it was an honour and privilege for us and thank you for your gracious acceptance.”

Ashutosh Kothari, Senior Lecturer and Ocoplastic Breast Surgeon , UK

“So humbled to present this giant of Oncoplastic surgery his award Alberto Rancati”

Ashutosh Kothari, Senior Lecturer and Ocoplastic Breast Surgeon , UK

“Thank you for amazing conference. It would be nice to have some video to see once more.”

Alge Leveckyte, Lithuania

“This was a truly invigorating experience. A very well organised and informative workshop. Looking forward to more!”

Soumit Sharma, USMLE Aspirant | Medical Undergraduate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

“Thank you for organizing such an excellent event. It was a great pleasure to hear from worlds renowned breast surgeons. All lectures were very informative and helpful. All faculties were phenomenal. I wish to be a part of this in future also. Congratulations to whole organizing team for great success of this conference. Thank you once again for the wonderful conference.”

Dr. Manju Singh, Radiologist Foetal Medicine, Delhi, India

“This was an excellent conference. I would like to know how to submit a research article to breast global magazine.”

Parthiepan Ariyathurai

“A hearty congratulations for conducting an amazing event and the efforts taken by all the meme bees of the organizing committee are very well appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions on all 3 days, especially the ones about breast reconstruction and flaps. Muscle sparing LD flap has grabbed my attention the most.”

Dr. Ashwin Vinod, Department of General Surgery, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, India

“Thank you for organising the conference. It was truly and very informative and packed event.”

Dr. Cheryl Leong, California, USA