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The Breast Global team firmly believes that education and training for existing and future healthcare professionals should be patient-focused and evidence-based. Unfortunately, we are faced with an undeniable fact of gross inequality of cancer care provision across the globe due to several complex yet competing factors. Whilst it beyond the scope of this platform to address these issues, we can positively contribute to the education and training needs irrespective of regional inequalities. It follows, therefore, that to deliver region and need specific education and training to our family of healthcare professionals, we need to establish benchmarks, identify gaps in knowledge and tailor training modules and certification that will have the most benefit for healthcare professionals and, more importantly, improve patient outcomes.

To deliver on our needs to identify these gaps in a structured and organized fashion, we have combined our efforts with Dr Jill Dietz, President American Society of Breast Surgeons, and her team of global experts from the Global Breast hub. Details of their hub are available here